Books published

"Miss Lee and the Mosquito"
by Maria L. Denjogpa
Scholastic, New Delhi
"The Friendly Beasts"
An Old English Christmas Carol
Zondervan, MI
"Look What I Can Do!"
by Nancy Viau
Abrams, N.Y.
"The Story of the Easter Robin"
Dandi Daley Mackall
“All Things Bright and Beautiful”
Cecil Frances Alexander
North South. N.Y.
“Penguin’s Christmas Gift”
Leslie McGuire
Kindermusik, N.C.
“Janko and the Giant”
Joseph Bruchac
Breakfast Serials, Denver, CO
"Over in the Meadow"
Olive A. Wadsworth
North-South Books, N.Y.
"Tough Beginnings"
Marylin Singer
Henry Holt & Co., N.Y.
“The Son of the Sun and the Daughter of the Moon"
Saami story retold by Holly Young Huth
Atheneum / Simon Schuster Co, N.Y.
"Elephant Walk"
Jean Craighead George
Hyperion / Disney Press, N.Y.
"Giraffe Trouble"
Jean Craighead George
Hyperion / Disney Press, N.Y.
"Otter Play"
Nancy Luenn
Atheneum / Simon Schuster Co., N.Y.
"Song of the Camels"
a poem by Elizabeth Coatsworth
North-South Books, N.Y.
"Marushka and the Month Brothers"
retold by Anna Vojtech and Philemon Sturges
North-South Books, N.Y.
"Maple Thanksgiving"
Joseph Bruchac
Scott Foresman Press, Chicago
"Ten Flashing Fireflies"
Philemon Sturges
North-South Books, N.Y.
"Blow Away Soon"
Betsy James
Putnam & Sons, N.Y.
"The Shoemaker and the Elves"
retold by Deborah Eaton
Silver, Burdett & Ginn
"The first Strawberries"
Cherokee legend retold by J. Bruchac
Dial Books, N.Y.
"Wild Flowers for All Seasons"
paintings by A.V., text by Ghillean Prance
first edition: Crown Publishers, N.Y.
"The Star Husband"
Indian legend retold by Jane Mobley
Doubleday, New York
"A Secret in my Pocket"
Madeline Kronby
&Stewart, Toronto
"Tous les oiseaux du monde"
Loiuse Darios
Beauchemin, Montreal

Audubon New
New York

Museum of Science
Museum of Natural History


Film Studios:

Advertising @ Record Companies:
National Filmboard of Canada
International Cinemedia l
Aquilon Film
Atlantic Film
Phillips Record Co.
Deutsche Grammophon Co
Verclas & Boltz
Atlantic Advertising
Mullen Advertising
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Marblehead, MA
Hamilton, MA

Awards & Honors:

Silver Medal,
1979 Columbus Film Festival: artwork for "Your food + my food = our food" filmstrip, produced by the National Filmboard of Canada

First Prize
1983 Marblehead Art Festival, category Printmaking

1993 New York Times Outstanding Children’s Book of the Year
“First Strawberries” by Joseph Bruchac.

1995 Gold Medal, National Parenting Publication Award
Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book for Children
American Bestseller Pick of the List
“Ten Flashing Fireflies” by Philemon Sturges.

1996 CSCBC Book of the year for “Blow Away Soon” .

2001 Best Book for Science for Children, Soc. of School Librarians International
2002 Outstanding Trade Book for Students, NSTA/CBC, “Tough Beginnings”
2001 Los Angeles’ 100 Best Books, “Tough Beginnings”.
2001-2002 OCSD Picture Book Award for “Tough Beginnings”.


New York
Breakfast Sereals
Greensboro, N.C.
Henry Holt Co
New York
Dutton & Co.
New York
Hyperion / Disney Press
New York
Atheneum / Simon Schuster
New York
North-South Books
New York
Scott Foresman / Harper Collins
Putnam & Sons
New York
Houghton Mifflin Co.
D.C. Heath Co. Lexington, MA
Dial Books / Penguin New York
Silver, Burdett & Ginn Needham, MA
Brown Publishing Wellesley, MA
Studio Goodwin Sturges Boston
Crown Publishers New York
Doubleday & CO New York
McClelland & Stewart Toronto
Beauchemin Montreal
Publishers 68 Toronto
Academia Prague, Czech Republic

Artwork for:

1974-6 "Man and his Environment", Biosphere Pavilion, Montreal
1975 "Evolution of Plants”, a filmstrip, Museum of Nat. History, Ottawa
1977 "Cocology" , a film by Aquilon Film, Montreal
1978 "Your food+my food=our food",National Filmboard, Montreal
2000 "Secrets of Aging", Museum of Science Boston
2001 "Vision of Light", costumes for a dance production Gloucester

Puppets, costumes, masks, props and stage designs for various theater productions.



Solo shows:

1975 Galerie Laurent Tremblay Montreal,Canada
1975 Galerie du Vieux Marche Ottawa, Canada
1976 Gallery Passim Cambridge, Mass
1981 The Botanical Garden Montreal, Canada
1982 The Boston Athenaeum Boston, Mass
1982 Centre d'Art du Mont Royal Montreal, Canada
1983,84 Peabody Museum Salem, Mass
1985 Houghton Mifflin Gallery Boston ,Mass
1986 Abbott Public Library Gallery Marblehead, MA
1987 Arnould Gallery Marblehead, MA
1989 Anna Thiel Gallery Cambridge, MA
1991 Anna Vojtech Studio Beverly, MA
1992 AMERIFLORA '92 Columbus, OH
2002 Tower Hill Botanic Garden Boylston, MA
2002 Wenniger Gallery Rockport, MA
2004 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester, MA
2005 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester, MA
2006 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester, MA
2007 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester, MA
2007 Galerie “U Prstenu” Prague, Czech. Rep
2008 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester,MA
2009 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester,MA
2010 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester,MA
2011 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester,MA
2012 Cripple Cove Studios Gloucester,MA
2013 RNAC Cultural Center Gallery, Gloucester, MA

Group Shows:

1976 Galerie Laurent Tremblay Montreal, Canada
1977 Magook Exhibition of Illustration Toronto, Canada
1978 Exhibition of Czech Artists in Exile Montreal, Canada
1983 5th International Exhibit of Botanical Art Pittsburgh, PA
1983 "Flowers and Gardens", The Mall Galleries London, England
1989 Marlborough Gallery Boston, MA
1990 Francesca Anderson Gallery Lexington, MA
1991 Francesca Anderson Gallery Lexington, MA
1992 ARA Gallery Hamilton, MA
1997 "From sketch to finish", Montserrat Gallery Beverly, MA
1998 "Tell me a story", Wenham Museum Wenham, MA
1998 Chicago Art Institute Chicago, Ill
1999 "Made in Mass.", Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA
2002 "Once upon a time", Wenham Museum Wenham, MA
2003 Wenniger Gallery Rockport, MA
2003 Child at Heart Gallery Newburyport, MA
2004 Child at Heart Gallery Newburyport, MA
2005 Child at Heart Gallery Newburyport, MA
2005 Rocky Neck Art Colony, Winter Show Gloucester, MA
2006 Rocky Neck Art Colony, Spring Show Gloucester, MA
2006 Plainair Pardubice 2006 Pardubice, Czech.
2006 Rocky Neck Art Colony, Winter Show Gloucester, MA
2008 SeArts Art Show Gloucester, MA
2010 Gallery Della Piana Wenham, MA
2010 RNAC Spring Show Gloucester,MA
2010 RNAC Winter Show Gloucester,MA
2011 Gallery Della Piana Wenham, MA
2011 RNAC Spring Show Gloucester,MA
2011 RNAC Winter Show Gloucester,MA
2012 RNAC Spring Show Gloucester,MA
2012 Gallery Della Piana Wenham, MA

Anna Vojtech Studio
447 Western Avenue • Magnolia, MA 01930

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