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Look Surprise in the Meadow - cover
Childrens books - Surprise in the Meadow

"Suprise in the Meadow" by Anna Vojtech
This delightful and beautifully illustrated story parallels children's experiences planting seeds in many preschools and the early elemenatry grades and would be a good accompaniment in classroom libraries. Sweet but also nourishing. .

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Holiday House
ISBN ( Hardcover ) 978-0-8234-3556-2.
ISBN ( e-book ) 978-0-8234-3622-4.
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Look What I Can Do - cover
"Look What I can Do!" by Nancy Viau
An inspiring picture book that celebrates how children and baby animals grow and learn new things.

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Abrams, ISBN 978-1-4197-0529-8.
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Miss Lee and the Mospuito cover miss Lee interior shrine
"Miss Lee and the Mosquito" by Maria L. Denjongpa. A funny and simple story about trying to sleep with mosquito buzzing in the room! With Beautiful illustrations that bring the story alive.
"The Friendly Beasts" - "The familiar, old English carol using the voices of the animals approaching the Nativity scene serves as the text in this attractively illustrated, large-format version. The illustrations convey accurate details in settings and costumes as well as amusing expressions on the faces of the friendly animals..." ( Kirkus)
The Friendly Beasts cover The Friendly Beasts interior page
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Zonderkidz ISBN- ISBN-978-0-310-72012-6
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"The Story of the Easter Robin" - Drawing from Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, this warm story incorporates intergenerational affection, religious faith, and the appeal of legends. Sturdy artwork brings all the elements together.
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Zonderkidz ISBN 0310713315
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"All Things Bright and Beautiful” - Written in 1848 by Cecil Frances Alexander, this beloved hymn celebrating the wonders of Creation is given new life in Anna Vojtech’s glowing interpretation. Luminous, lushly detailed paintings follow two children and their frisky pup throughout a bucolic landscape of meadows, hills, rivers, streams and woods.
North-South Books ISBN 0-7358-1892-4
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“Over in the Meadow” - In this sumptuous edition of the beloved counting rhyme by Olive A. Wadsworth, Anna Vojtech’s sweet illustrations depict a sun-drenched meadow filled with loving animal families. There are many things to count in the cleverly designed pictures, and sharp-eyed children will delight in finding a corresponding number of other animals or objects in each picture.
North-South Books ISBN 0-7358-1596-8
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“Tough Beginnings” by Marilyn Singer

2001 Best Book for Science for Children, SSLI
2002 Outstanding Trade Book for Students NSTA/CBC
2001 Los Angeles’ 100 Best Books
2001-2002 OCSD Picture Book Award

Henry Holt & Co
ISBN 0-8050-6164-9 - Baby-Preschool
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“The Son of the Sun and the Daughter of the Moon”
Saami story retold by Holly Young Huth

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Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0-689-82482-3 All Ages
"Elephant Walk" and "Giraffe Trouble" were created for the occasion of the opening of the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. They are a part of four stories the award winning author Jean Craighead George wrote about the animals living there.

Disney Press ISBN 0-7868-3167-7 Ages 3-7
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Disney Press ISBN 0-7868-3163-4 Ages 5-7
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“Otter Play” - Nancy Luenn and Anna Vojtech captured the joyful magic of the river otter’s day and of the child who watches them.
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0-689-81126-8 - Ages 4-8

  "Song of the Camels"- in lush, luminous oil paintings, Anna Vojtech interprets a Christmas poem by Elizabeth Coatsworth, one of America's foremost children's poets, to create a most unusual version of the Nativity. Elegant, exotic in words and pictures, this is a Christmas book to ponder and to treasure.

North South Books
ISBN 1-55858-811-6 All ages

“Marushka and the Month Brothers” - retold by Anna Vojtech and Philemon Sturges. This traditional folktale, told in Czech and Slovak villages for countless generations, is a satisfying story of virtue rewarded and evil punished. Vojtech’s illustrations are deeply gratifying, shot through with folkloric touches and redolent of the season.

North-South Books 1-55858-628-8
Ages 4-8
“Ten Flashing Fireflies”- by Philemon Sturges. Luminous pictures and a buoyant, chant-aloud text combine to make this two-way counting book as joyous and magical as catching fireflies on a summer night.

1995 Gold Medal, NPPA
Smithsonian Notable Book for Children
American Bestseller Pick of the List
"Ten Flashing Fireflies"
North-South Books
ISBN 1-55858-420-X Ages 4-7
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“Blow Away Soon” - by Betsy James. When Sophie came to live with Nana, it seems the wind came too. It blew Sophie’s jacket off the line, and rolled her wagon into the street. Sophie doesn’t like the wind. So, Nana takes her into the hills to build blow-away-soon…
The book can be enjoyed as much for its glowing illustrations as for its simple narrative. A story with universal appeal.

1996 CSCBC Book of the Year - “Blow Away Soon”

  Putnam & Sons
ISBN 0-399-22648-6 Ages 4-8

“The First Strawberries” How was it that the strawberries came into the world? Their creation is explained in this captivating Cheerokee tale, lyrically retold by renowned Native American storyteller Joseph Bruchac.

1993 New York Times Outstanding Children’s Book of the Year
“First Strawberries” by Joseph Bruchac.
Dial Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0-8037-1331-2 - Ages 4-8
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“The Star Husband” by Jane Mobley. "Anna Vojtech's color illustrations touched as they are with dream-like detail are a perfect complement to the text”…
(Quill & Quire)
ISBN: 0385142838 - Ages 4-8

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